Disqus installation again

A short personal note on my tutorial on Disqus installation: I have used for my screenshots, not this docdock but the hugo-academic theme. I have changed from docdock to hugo-academic and now (2017-05-31) I am back at docdock again. I will explain the reason for this twofold change in one of my next blog post. I am also planning to update text and screenshots to the new blogdown versions.

Update: 2021-05-19: Almost exactly four years later I’m ruefully back at the Academic theme again.🤭

In my tutorial How to install disqus on Hugo I have used the hugo-academic theme to demonstrate the installation process. The article was one of my first contact with static websites, and I experimented with it at https://portfolio.peter-baumgartner.net.

After some experiences with the academic website, I looked for other themes which are using more prominent the blog function. I came up with this beautiful and very functional hugo-theme-docdock website for documentation. But for the tutorial, I have used a different code for the integration of Disqus proposed by Yihui Xie.

In the meanwhile, Yihui has suggested his approach as a pull request which was accepted by the Hugo team. So I assume that in a new release we will all get this more elaborated disqus integration code in the standard Hugo installation.

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