About images (.md)

Images have a similar syntax to links but include a preceding exclamation point.



Resizing image

Add HTTP parameters width and/or height to the link image to resize the image. Values are CSS values (default is auto).



Add CSS classes

Add a HTTP classes parameter to the link image to add CSS classes. shadow and border are available but you could define other ones.



Image with relative URL

The solution above doees not work (or does it?)

![Foto Peter](/img/petzi.jpg?height=180px)

Foto Peter

Other solution ist HTML for .md files

    <img src="/img/petzi.jpg" alt="Foto Peter" style="width: 100px; height: 100px"/>

Foto Peter

In .Rmd files work the following code:

    ![Foto Peter](/img/petzi.jpg){ width=10% }

( Not here, because this is an .md file.)

In inline markdowmn

If you are using external markdown (for instance using sildes with reveal.js) then you can use:

    ![Foto Peter](/img/petzi.jpg)<!-- .element height="50%" width="50%" -->
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