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Last modified meta data

add to the YAML frontmatter

creatordisplayname: Jack Praker
creatoremail: jack.praker@icloud.com
lastmodifierdisplayname: Jack Praker
lastmodifieremail: jack.praker@icloud.com
lastmod: 2017-09-23

add a new partial with following code

<footer class=" footline" >
	{{with .Params.LastModifierDisplayName}}
	    Last modified:
	    <i class='fa fa-user'></i> <a href="mailto:{{ $.Params.LastModifierEmail }}">{{ . }}</a> {{with $.Lastmod}} <i class='fa fa-calendar'></i> {{ .Format "2006-01-02" }}{{end}}

include partial in template

Include the partial in an adequat place in your templates. (Either single.html oder footer.html etc.)

But how to use the creator metadata?

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