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File Extension '.Rmarkdown'

Advantages of using .Rmarkdown files

  • This file type is able to run R code snippets like .Rmd files. Numbered tables, figures, equations, and theorems are also supported.
  • But .Rmarkdown files compiles not to .html but to ‘.markdown’ files, which are easier to read. This is particulary important when reviewing GitHub pull requests.

Diadvantages of using .Rmarkdown files

  • It uses Hugo Blackfriday und not Pandoc as rendering machine. Consequently you cannot use the much richer set of Pandoc converter such as citations.

    • Math expressions only work if you have installed the xaringan package and applied the JavaScript solution mentioned in Section A.3 of the blogdown book.

    • You cannot directly use Markdown syntax in table or figure captions, but you can use text references as a workaround (see bookdown’s documentation).

  • HTML widgets are not supported.

There is an issue with nested bullet lists with Blackfriday. Use 4-spaces rather than 2-space indentations. Tab work again only when it defaults to 4 spaces.

Detailed comparison is necessary

One has to inspect the differences detailed.

Test with an R code snippet

2 + 2
## [1] 4
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