Blog writing barriers to overcome

Another year has elapsed since I wrote my last blog entry. At first, I thought the problem is only my English. But in the meanwhile, I see several other reasons why I do not blog for the new static website(s).
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Using themes with blogdown: Lesson learned

After almost one year of interruption, I started re-using blogdown again. But instead of writing new content, I had to struggle once again with using the sophisticated machinery of Hugo hidden in the functionality of its themes. In this post, I will report on my Odyssean experience and — more important — I will suggest guidelines on how to start, explore, and use themes in blogdown.
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What is obvious, and for whom?

Inspired from a blog post by Yihui Xie, I reflect in this post about communications difficulties between experts (e.g., software engineers) and laypersons (users). Starting position is my fault in providing the full and correct information when filing issues about bookdown and blogdown. Be aware: This is a somewhat theoretical/philosophical discussion.
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