teaching strategies

Using GitHub as a Mentoring Tool

In this post, I summarize my learning problems to advance from an intermediate R level. I suggest finding projects you are interested in and inspecting their codebase at GitHub. In a certain sense, you could use the skills of those experienced persons who guide the project/repository for mentoring your own learning advancement via GitHub. Maybe there is even a possibility of getting involved in the project and learning from relevant real-world challenges. --- My example is with R and GitHub, but the learning strategy I recommend here should be usable for other programming languages and other collaborative version control systems.

What is obvious, and for whom?

Inspired by a blog post by Yihui Xie, I reflect in this post about communications difficulties between experts (e.g., software engineers) and laypersons (users). Starting position is my fault in providing the complete and correct information when filing issues about bookdown and blogdown. Be aware: This is a somewhat theoretical/philosophical discussion.