Memento Time Travel

Mementos are prior versions of web pages cached by web crawlers and stored in web archives. The post explains how to use the Wayback Machine to get back in time and retrieve prior states of a given web resource.

Wakelet - Share Visually-Engaging Stories

Storify is dead - long live Wakelet! This article features Wakelet, a similar program as the now-defunct Storify. But Wakelet is different in many aspects, and I bet it will stay for many years with us. Firstly it comes with many features Storify has lacked. It is already a full-fledged tool for content curation, presentation, and sharing. Secondly, it has a steadily growing user base where already some of the world's most prominent organizations are using Wakelet. And the best of it: There is no Premium price model: Wakelet is free in all its functionality.

Advantages of URL shortener

Citing and visiting web addresses with long URLs is sometimes complicated. Long URLs are particularly a hardness when there are no clickable links but only long strings printed on paper. This article suggests URL shortener to avoid the hurdle mentioned above.

Archiving Quoted Web Resources

Quoting websites is a hassle for several reasons: Firstly, web pages are not available anymore. Secondly, web pages have moved so that the URL is not valid anymore. Thirdly, they change their content so that the cited reference is not correct anymore. This article presents some strategies and tools to bypass the challenges mentioned above.

Grammarly: A Case Study

[In another post](/post/grammarly-improves-your-writing/), I reported on my general experiences with [Grammarly](https://www.grammarly.com). I commented on different use cases, mainly with text pieces from my blog writing. By contrast, this post here focuses on a case study with a literary text piece from a novel.

Grammarly improves your writing

The article reports on my experiences with the premium version of Grammarly, an AI-powered web service for grammar and spell checking. As this is going to be a very positive review, I want to disclose that I am not affiliated in any way with Grammarly Inc., the enterprise behind this product.

Disqus installation again

A short personal note on my tutorial on Disqus installation: I have used for my screenshots, not this `docdock` but the hugo-academic theme. I have changed from `docdock` to `hugo-academic` and now (2017-05-31) I am back at `docdock` again. I will explain the reason for this twofold change in one of my next blog post. I am also planning to update text and screenshots to the new blogdown versions.

Alternatives for Disqus?

Disqus is a top-rated service for hosting and managing comments. But it has as an external service several disadvantages which oppose the philosophy of static websites diametrically. I discuss some alternatives for integrating discussion fora with static websites.