What is obvious and for whom?

Inspired from a blog post by Yihui Xie I reflect in this post about communications difficulties between experts (e.g. software engineers) and lay persons (users). Starting position are my own faults in providing full and correct information when filing issues about bookdown and blogdown.
how-to tacit knowledge || bookdown blogdown

Disqus installation again

A short personal note on my tutorial on Disqus installation: I have used for my screenhots not this docdock but the hugo-academic theme. Here I have used an improved disqus template for Hugo deveoped by Yihui Xie which probable will be integrated in the next Hugo version.
static sites || disqus hugo

Alternatives for Disqus?

Disqus is a very popular service for hosting and managing comments. But it has as an external service several disadvantages which oppose diametrically the philosophy of static websites. I discuss some alternatives for integrating discussion fora with static websites.
static sites blog engines || disqus
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