Installing R & RStudio

Peter Baumgartner via Thought Splinters


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PDF Export

  • Add “?print-pdf” to the end of the URL
  • Open the in-browser print dialog (CTRL/CMD+P)
  • Save to PDF
  • Detailed guide: PDF Export Documentation

Let’s start!

But note: For the installation process

🔴 you will need root access to your computer! 🔴

Go to

Direct your browser to the homepage of the R-project.

CRAN stands for Comprehensive R Archive Network

Choose a mirror location

  • Select the location nearest to you OR …
  • Choose 0-Cloud which is operated by RStudio and will redirect you automatically to the nearest server.

Select your operating system

I recommend to download the precompiled version whenever possible.

R for macOS

  • Select the installer package for your macOS version and hardware: Intel or M1 Mac.
  • For older operating systems: scroll down or click the “old” directory right top.

Mental note: XQuartz

  • Always re-install XQuartz when upgrading your macOS to a new major version.
  • We will therefore return later to this page.

Download the installer program

  • Save the installer on your hard disk.

Start und run the installer

There are three things to watch out.

  1. You have to agree to the license.

Choose location

  1. Select standard location (applications folder), e.g. click the “Install”-button.

Allow installation

  1. Allow the installer to install the software.

Installation completed!

We can now go ahead and install RStudio.

Go to

  • Scroll the homepage down.
  • Be aware that colors and content of the homepage change regularly.

Look for the button …

  • … “Download Free Desktop IDE” (or similar).
  • IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment.

Rstudio Download Page

  • Scroll the page down until you see a row of buttons for free downloads or downloads to pay.

Choose RStudio Desktop Free

  • Click the button for a free “Download” of the RStudio Desktop Open Source Licence.

Download RStudio — Finally!

  • The page analysis your system requirements and recommends you already a version.
  • If this version is not the correct one, then choose from the installer section.

Mac: Download the image

  • On my Mac it wants to download an image to my hard disk.

Mac: Drag RStudio to the Applications Folder

After extracting the image you can drag the program into the applications folder.

Open RStudio …

  • and write a simple calculation in the console window. I wrote 2 + 2 <enter>,
  • If you got the correct result: VOILÀ - you succeeded!👏👍

Return to R for macOS page

  • Remember our mental note: We need to download XQuartz on a Mac installation.

Download XQuartz

  • After downloading XQuartz open the saved image.

Install XQuartz

  • Installing the XQuartz package is a standard process, with one exception…

Allow software check

  • Allow checking your installation requirements.

After installing XQuartz

✅ You are done! ✅

Close presentation

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  • (not the back button of the slide!).