Announcing the R package coinsR

This blog entry announces the R program `coinsR` to produce bibliographic metadata automatically for websites within the Hugo framework. The dominant use case at the moment is with the `blogdown` package.

Wayback Machine Tutorial

How to use Wayback Machine to Archive and Retrieve Web Resources

Blog writing barriers to overcome

Another year has elapsed since I wrote my last blog entry. At first, I thought the problem is only my English. But in the meanwhile, I see several other reasons why I do not blog for the new static website(s).

Xaringan presentations with blogdown

How to integrate Xaringan in blogdown? I am following in this short post the detailed description by Tim Mastny in his blog entry Embed Slides in Your Blog. Please read his article — especially the second half of it, where he is explaining the installation procedure.

Using themes with blogdown: Lesson learned

After almost one year of interruption, I started re-using blogdown again. But instead of writing new content, I had to struggle once again with using the sophisticated machinery of Hugo hidden in the functionality of its themes. In this post, I will report on my Odyssean experience and --- more important --- I will suggest guidelines on how to start, explore, and use themes in blogdown.

Install Blogdown (Part 1)

How to install Hugo with a specified theme using R, RStudio and blogdown

How to install Disqus on Hugo?

This post explains how to integrate Disqus as a discussion forum for your website. It is not a thing you can do directly applying the Hugo documentation because there is a faulty template to change.

Blogdown tutorial (Part 4)

In this fourth part of the tutorial I will explain a method how to bring your website online. My preferred method is to transfer the files via GitHub to Netlify, a service specialized for quickly rolling out static websites.

Blogdown tutorial (Part 3)

In part 3 I will show the necessary steps to get a live preview of the website.

Blogdown tutorial (Part 1)

Part 1 of this tutorial explains how to install a Hugo theme on top of R, RStudio and blogdown. For this demonstration I will use the new (preview) version of RStudio as it facilitates the installation of Hugo and a theme.