Images in Different File Formats

I have investigated the different methods for inserting images into various file formats and conversion procedures. The situation is complex and not easy to grasp. But on a meta-level, the case is pretty straightforward: The decision for a file format is much more important than the details in image handling.

Announcing the R package coinsR

This blog entry announces the R program `coinsR` to produce bibliographic metadata automatically for websites within the Hugo framework. The dominant use case at the moment is with the `blogdown` package.

RStudio Snippets for Markdown

Code snippets are text macros which you can insert into your programs. They are used for repetitive tasks and can boost your productivity tremendously. After providing some link to tutorials about RStudio snippets, I am going to summarize eight reminders for practical usage.

RStudio installieren (Deutsch)

Installation von RStudio Bedienung dieser Diashow Steuerungselemente: Pfeile rechts unten Achtung: Manchmal gibt es außer vor und zurück auch hinauf und hinunter Folienstruktur-Überblick: ESC-Taste Zoomen: ALT + (STRG für LINUX) KLICK in das Objekt.