This is my new English weblog, which I started in October 2017. It is a supplement to my German homepage.

In my original German weblog Gedankensplitter I focus on educational design of blended learning scenarios whereas here I will write mainly about new workflows and tools for scientific research. Both sites are related to educational technology, but with this one I want to focus on reproducible research and new workflows permitted by the present digital era. As the discussion on reproducible research is at the moment almost exclusively an international one I decided to write on this subject in (my poor) English.

I am busy learning about the many nice features of this template and how to adapt them for my needs. This means to learn a lot about Hugo and its templates structure. But this is already part of the content (tools) I want to write about. Explore the many features of this website for yourself in the archive section.

The structure and appearance of the site is still under construction, but there are already some articles you could be interested in. I will add articles and at the same time I will continue to work on functionality and design of this site as a somewhat never ending endeavour.

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