How to Register with a Hosting Service to Buy Space for your Server

What do you have to watch out for your registration with a hosting web service? I take, as an example, the German hoster Uberspace and show the process step-by-step.

Wayback Machine Tutorial

How to use Wayback Machine to Archive and Retrieve Web Resources

How to produce bibliographic metadata for your web page?

The tutorial explains how to use Zotero to produce and embed bibliographic metadata into your web page. An annotated screenshot illustrates each of the 14 simple steps.

RStudio Snippets for Markdown

Code snippets are text macros which you can insert into your programs. They are used for repetitive tasks and can boost your productivity tremendously. After providing some link to tutorials about RStudio snippets, I am going to summarize eight reminders for practical usage.

Comments in Markdown

How to write comments in markdown?

Xaringan presentations with blogdown

How to integrate Xaringan in blogdown? I am following in this short post the detailed description by Tim Mastny in his blog entry Embed Slides in Your Blog. Please read his article — especially the second half of it, where he is explaining the installation procedure.

LaTeX installieren (Deutsch)

Tutorial zum Installieren des LaTeX Textsystems für Mac und Windows

RStudio installieren (Deutsch)

Installation von RStudio Bedienung dieser Diashow Steuerungselemente: Pfeile rechts unten Achtung: Manchmal gibt es außer vor und zurück auch hinauf und hinunter Folienstruktur-Überblick: ESC-Taste Zoomen: ALT + (STRG für LINUX) KLICK in das Objekt.

R installieren (Deutsch)

Tutorial zum Installieren der Statistik-Software R

Install Blogdown (Part 1)

How to install Hugo with a specified theme using R, RStudio and blogdown

How to install Disqus on Hugo?

This post explains how to integrate Disqus as a discussion forum for your website. It is not a thing you can do directly applying the Hugo documentation because there is a faulty template to change.

Blogdown tutorial (Part 4)

In this fourth part of the tutorial I will explain a method how to bring your website online. My preferred method is to transfer the files via GitHub to Netlify, a service specialized for quickly rolling out static websites.

Blogdown tutorial (Part 3)

In part 3 I will show the necessary steps to get a live preview of the website.

Blogdown tutorial (Part 2)

In part 2 we will create a GitHub repository and link it to our local repository, which we have created in part 1 of this tutorial.

Blogdown tutorial (Part 1)

Part 1 of this tutorial explains how to install a Hugo theme on top of R, RStudio and blogdown. For this demonstration I will use the new (preview) version of RStudio as it facilitates the installation of Hugo and a theme.